It's been a year and a half since my last blog. Eighteen months that have been nothing short of life changing. In what ways those changes will manifest I'm not entirely sure yet, but I have no doubt at the very least, this will be a time we'll look back on and share cou...
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With travel, it seems more and more we are seeking out not only the sights and experiences of a place but the unique flavour and taste of the location we discover. As fellow travelers and now hosts, we have these conversations often. On a broader scale, the questions are ar...
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It's unavoidable, getting caught up in the chaos of this time of year. In our house, December is also birthday month. Both my daughter and I are December babies and it seems, that year on year I know more people with birthdays falling in the festive month. I think this tim...
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So the last of our sweet and juicy figs have ripened and provided enough bounty to preserve for enjoying in 'figless' times. I could have made a jam or a chutney but we often fork out a bit of cash for a deliciously indulgent pot of fig paste to enjoy with cheese. Whether ...
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As Autumn truly sets in here, the leaves lose their grip and succumb to the cool breeze, I'm drawn into the kitchen. It's definitely time to indulge in slow cooking, filling the house with intense aromas of comforting herby broths and fall-off-bone meats marrying with swee...
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So by now any readers out there will have discovered that food is a big part of our lives... I haven't quite managed to write about any other topics so far! I'm sure I'll get there but while renovations on our cottage have monopolised my time of late, I do find myself real...
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