Incredible Gluten-free Sugar-free Granola

As Autumn truly sets in here, the leaves lose their grip and succumb to the cool breeze, I'm drawn into the kitchen. It's definitely time to indulge in slow cooking, filling the house with intense aromas of comforting herby broths and fall-off-bone meats marrying with sweet veg.

I've also been experimenting with different combinations of nuts, seeds and fruit for the perfect toasted granola which is part of our Orchard Cottage provisions breakfast basket. Having tried a number of recipes I think the latest combo is truly first class!
I do like muesli but have never really enjoyed the ones filled with oats and grains, I always find myself topping them up with some toasted nuts and so have decided a toasted granola style is more to my liking. This one has zero gluten and no refined sugar, it's just toasted with a little coconut oil and sweetened with a small dollop of manuka honey and a drizzle of maple syrup.

It feels so perfect at this time of the year and I find myself reaching for it not only for breakfast but lunch, or even a little snack in the afternoon. I simply mix a little local Manuka honey through some light Greek yoghurt - yum!


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