We made the move from a desk-based city life in Wellington in 2014 to the beautiful 'winterless north', just east of Whangarei between the city centre and the stunning coastal playground of Whangarei Heads.

Down the Road is a celebration of all things local. An expression of the idea that no matter where you find yourself in this glorious country, you don't need to look very far to discover so many local treasures. Whether it's stunning sights, adventures to be had, fabulous food grown or created, or inspiring individuals with unique perspectives and stories to share. 

Having traveled to other parts of the world, we've shared amazing experiences. We're now delighting in the abundance of treasure to be found right in our own backyard of Northland.

Down the Road is an evolving journey, we invite you to enjoy a peaceful escape at the ORCHARD COTTAGE, boutique holiday accommodation set on 30 acres of regenerating native bush, just 15 minutes from Whangarei city centre and the beautiful beaches of Whangarei Heads.  

Our love food and eating local is strong. The pickings are rich here with a beautiful mild climate and so many talented growers, makers and artisan producers. We're always on the hunt of delicious discoveries and we share our favourite finds with you on the EAT page. You can also read our blog about our recent venture into opening our own Down the Road Eatery & Deli, while it's no longer open, we're still very passionate about Northland food and expect there will be more to this journey in the future.

Who are we? We're a tight family of three; myself (Justine) and Joseph, parents of Holly Lane. Two furry friends complete our little clan, Lilly the small grey cat and young Benson the clever Border Collie cross.

You're welcome to enjoy the goodness that's right on the doorstep here, or EXPLORE some of our recommendations venturing a bit further Down the Road to the many awesome destinations around this lovely region.

Thanks for visiting us Down the Road and being part of this local adventure,

Justine, Joe and Holly

Down the Road views

Dusk, out front of the Orchard Cottage.

Justine and Joseph Stuart Down the Road

The three of us.


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