Last of the Fig Harvest - Indulgent Fig Paste

So the last of our sweet and juicy figs have ripened and provided enough bounty to preserve for enjoying in 'figless' times. I could have made a jam or a chutney but we often fork out a bit of cash for a deliciously indulgent pot of fig paste to enjoy with cheese. Whether it's just us with our first glass of wine on a Friday night or creating a more lavish spread to enjoy with friends pre or post dinner, the small portion always gets gobbled up so quickly.

It was a paste recipe that I sort so I jumped on Pinterest for some inspiration and came across a recipe from Maggie Beer (love her cooking). I had to gasp when I realised that the paste is created simply from figs and sugar and pretty much equal parts! While I'm trying to reduce the amount refined white stuff in my life and find alternatives wherever possible I conceded here at the thought of not having to pay for this treat for as long as it lasts in our fridge. Which, I know is going to be a while as the yield has been pretty generous.

Of course, it all makes sense now - the paste holds together with the magic of the reduced sugar. Maybe I'll investigate and experiment with low or no sugar versions for next year's fruit but for this year we have the unadulterated sticky goodness - after all it's all about portions and balance right? ;-)
Once reduced on the stove, the thick mixture is spooned into lightly greased ramekins to set. I only had four quite generous ramekins on hand so these lovely rounds will provide many cheese board portions by cutting a slice with a hot knife. I love how the rich redness of the fruit has remained, it's such an intense colour.

We dream of expanding on the local provisions part of our business where we'll create a seasonal range of our own Down the Road artisan food products.While we don't have this commercial food side of the business set up just yet I like to pop our Down the Road brand on our homemade goodies... it makes it feel like we're already there and hey, gotta keep the dreams fuelled right?!

Here's to wine, cheese and fig paste - which reminds me there are some more local Northland cheese producers I must discover...


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