Black Garlic - What a Revelation!

So by now any readers out there will have discovered that food is a big part of our lives... I haven't quite managed to write about any other topics so far! I'm sure I'll get there but while renovations on our cottage have monopolised my time of late, I do find myself really relishing kitchen delights. Even more so now our little kitchen has been revived - oh the excitement of actually having a pantry again, yes, it certainly is the little things!

One of my favourite local discoveries since we've been here has been Black Garlic. I'd never tried it before but being a major garlic fan there was no convincing required. We have a Cuisine Artisan Award-winning producer here in Northland; Black Garlic Man and he certainly produces a delicious product. With origins in ancient Asian history, it's naturally fermented and the result is deliciously caramalised, sweet and savoury nuggets. Gone is the strong raw garlic taste, this taste is a mixture of balsamic vinegar, caramalised onion and tamarind - amazing!

We're yet to move away from one mouth-watering recipe that we devoured again last Friday night; pan fried baby (locally farmed) Paua with lemon, parsley and Black Garlic.
A crazy simple recipe once again which keeps the tender little baby Paua whole (once cleaned up). OceaNZ Blue is a company that sustainably farms Paua in Northland, we used to be able to order these in the half-shell and have them delivered frozen to our home in Wellington. They no longer do online sales it seems but we've found an awesome little shop in Whangarei that sells their product - nice!

In a very hot frying pan with a splash of oil and a touch of butter, the Paua are seared quickly and then grated lemon zest, chopped parsley and sliced Black Garlic are thrown in for the last few seconds, just to coat and careful not to overcook.

We served this with some local flat bread from our wonderful local deli / bakery The Med, simply sliced with it's Italian herb and olive oil goodness. A squeeze of lemon completes this finger-licking entrée!
So, I have promised myself to experiment with this delicious black discovery. Apparently it's great on a cheese board and I'm positive it'll appear in more and more recipes from our kitchen. I'll be sure to share as this moreish taste goes on...


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