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More Simply 'Figtastic' Goodness

While we missed out on a lot of our summer crops from the property due to pesky possums and our fruit-loving feathered friends, autumn is providing abundance. Especially in the form of plump and delicious figs... we've never eaten so many! I feel a bottling session coming soon as the trees are now delivering daily loads which mean it's hard to keep up with fresh recipes. But before the preserving begins I felt the need to share a couple more 'figtastically' simple recipes (sorry, just couldn'...

April 28, 2015

First Fruits from our Little Orchard

When we moved here in October last year, we wandered through the young fruit trees planted around the property taking guesses at the varieties and what kinds of fruit we might be enjoying in the years to come. There are no labels on these trees, we have a list from the previous owners but there are several areas of planting so no specifics about exactly what is where. It's an exciting waiting game. The first few months over summer saw peaches, plums and some apples but crops were few and fa...

April 20, 2015

Simple, Zesty Breakfast = Morning Happiness

Waking up to the warble of magpies nearby whisks me immediately back to my childhood. While those black and white painted Aussies can be a bit of a pest in the garden, there's something about their melodic morning call that fills a wakening soul with the sweet promise of the new day. This morning was another that washed the vast sky with watery pinks and blues as the sun slowly warmed the air and sprinkled it's light across the treetops. The day ahead looked like many others before it with...

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