Simple, Zesty Breakfast = Morning Happiness

Waking up to the warble of magpies nearby whisks me immediately back to my childhood. While those black and white painted Aussies can be a bit of a pest in the garden, there's something about their melodic morning call that fills a wakening soul with the sweet promise of the new day.

This morning was another that washed the vast sky with watery pinks and blues as the sun slowly warmed the air and sprinkled it's light across the treetops.

The day ahead looked like many others before it with renovations still underway but I figured there was time to take things a little slower and spend a little longer than usual over a deliciously simple and zesty breakfast. I'd picked up some new Due North products from the farmers market in town the other day and thoughts of the cumin spiced capsicum dip 'Harrief' inspired a beautiful breakfast starting my day perfectly.
Poached egg on Vogels toast, with a slither of shaved ham. Avocado and feta smashed with a squeeze of lemon and a dollop of the deliciously spicy 'Harrief' on the side. This capsicum dip is rich with cumin, garlic and chilli and makes the perfect accompaniment to the soft egg, avocado and sharp feta.
A cup of strong coffee, inspired by another great issue of NZ Life & Leisure, the days work ahead was approached with gusto... yum!


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